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The mission of Extendam’s management team is to:
1. Find out the most resilient niche investments and geographical regions, with significant growth and/or potential upgrade. We currently invest actively in European hotels, French know-how, and Paris real estate.
2. Identify market-leading and promising SMEs in their sectors, with strong assets on their balance sheets such as property and buildings. These assets usually have visible growth potential, strong and concrete intrinsic value regardless of market cycles, and the potential to generate recurring income.
3. Manage dedicated funds and solutions based on the investor’s risk/return profile.
4. Support a new generation of talented entrepreneurs and ensure that their interests are aligned with those of our clients.
Extendam is registered by the AMF French financial market regulator under number GP – 13000002. It is an independent management company based in Paris, owned by its management team.

Key numbers at January 2019

Inception date
owned by its management team
€ [shortcode_number_1]bn
[shortcode_number_5] years
management team members’ average experience


High standards
We seek to achieve the highest possible standards. On a daily basis, each employee aims to provide a faultless service driven by a sense of duty and a commitment to client satisfaction.
We maintain close ties with the companies in which we invest, and with our clients to ensure that our products are right for them. We believe that the best relationships are those that are open, respectful and friendly.

Alerte vigilance : EXTENDAM est victime d'une tentative de fraude