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Our method

Each year, the Extendam investment team considers more than 300 projects in France and elsewhere in Europe. The same four-step selection process is used for each company:

Step 1
tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
Step 2
the key people
Step 3
our role in their growth
Step 4
entrepreneurs over the long term


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Step 1
Identify tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
Each member of the management team seeks out companies offering the best investment opportunities in European hotels, French know-how, and Paris real estate.
Each company is analysed in-house using qualitative and quantitative criteria.Quality criteria (non-exhaustive list)
– Quality of the management
– Comprehensible growth outlooks
– Expectations of market growth
Quantitative criteria (non-exhaustive list)
– Strong financial structure
– Historical figures
– Business plan


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Step 2
Meet the key people
Private equity is primarily about people.
It is essential that our investment team meet the key people of each target company. This gives us a more detailed knowledge of the company, its business and competitive ecosystems, the quality of its management and, most importantly, its ability to realise its growth objective. This stage enables us decide whether to add the company to our portfolio.


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Step 3
Negotiate our role in their growth
It is often said that a good deal is decided when the money changes hands, and private equity is no exception. The management team places a particular focus on negotiating the acquisition and the exit mechanisms of each deal. Plus, every deal is overseen, on a legal level, by specialized law firms.


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Step 4
Support entrepreneurs over the long term
We hold each investment for an average of five to seven years. During this period, the management team regularly monitors companies to ensure their success. We do not interfere, but we do provide regular support and a real presence alongside the management team.


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