Babel – a recently opened hotel in the heart of Belleville

Interior designer Daphné Desjeux has mixed luxurious and natural materials alongside a variety of contemporary and antique objects to take guests on a journey within the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel. The unique patinas by Rosatelier are also central to the hotel’s theme, as are the works by local Belleville artists, which grace the corridors.

With an eye for even the smallest of details, Clarie Feral-Akram and Joris Bruneel invited perfumer Caroline Malléjac of MAW (My Aromatic Wish) to create a citrus- and spice-based olfactory signature for the venue. Hôtel Babel even has its own radio station – Babel Radio – pairing music and podcasts with the establishment’s cuisine and décor and telling the story of the hotel and its location. The playlist was put together by DJ Timothée Carel and is available on the hotel’s website, in the bedrooms and on Spotify.

Hôtel Babel is an address for both tourists and locals and is committed to promoting Belleville and its community. Several local associations have contributed to the long-haul endeavour, including Cuisine Mode d’Emploi (a culinary school founded by Thierry Marx), the Refugee Food Festival and other local community groups.

Whether in the restaurant, the bar or the bathrooms, Babel’s teams strive to make the hotel’s environmental footprint as small as possible. Local and handmade goods, sustainable fisheries and seasonal produce are used whenever possible, responsible sourcing encourages short supply chains and responsible production, and waste is minimised or composted in partnership with local waste management company Les Alchimistes. The hotel is also currently in the process of getting its Clé Verte (green key) eco-label, as well as the Ecotable label for the restaurant.

“We wanted to create a space that reflects both our own values and those of the neighbourhood: a place where everyone feels welcome and a meaningful refuge that allows us to still believe in togetherness. At Babel, we believe in the power of good food and shared moments, taking guests on a culinary and design-inspired journey. We also keep a close eye on our environmental and social footprint. We have adopted a short supply chain strategy and look to local associations for our hiring needs. This allows Babel to play a role in the ecological transition and creates links with the local community,” explain Clarie Feral-Akram and Joris Bruneel, the hotel’s founders.


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