Fabrique du Tourisme: another deep dive into ESG challenges

For its third session and the second consecutive year, the Fabrique du Tourisme is exploring the challenges of ecological and social transition in the industry. Experts in hospitality, CSR and tourism, along with students from ESSEC’s Hospitality Management degree, gathered to map out the next steps in the hospitality sector’s transition. The health, environmental and social context is increasingly challenging, pushing the boundaries of a tourism industry that is constantly changing. The third Fabrique du Tourisme report outlines the tourism of today, describes the sector’s emerging models, presents data, and offers practical information and advice.

A word from Brune Poirson, patron of the third Fabrique du Tourisme

“The third edition of the Fabrique du Tourisme is taking place amid a threefold crisis. First, the conflict in Ukraine and the health crisis are clouding the recovery and make looking ahead difficult. Second, the ecological crisis raises questions about the future of our planet. And third, the social crisis highlights a latent meaning crisis and reminds us that we, the tourism industry, have our part to play in the fight against poverty and exclusion.

These three crises are pushing the industry to transform itself rather than turn inward. The Fabrique du Tourisme is an invitation to seize the opportunity of change rather than resist. Now is the time for action and for making the decision to build our future together.

This report aims to empower the entire hospitality profession to address the various issues facing the world in which we live. Tourism is responsible for almost 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while also accounting for 10% of employment and 10% of global GDP. While our impact, both positive and negative, is significant, so is our ability to influence and initiate change.

The path is as challenging as it is exciting. To succeed in making the tourism of tomorrow resilient, we must invent it collectively and implement concrete solutions. This is the driving force behind the Fabrique du Tourisme.”

Concrete solutions to accelerate the shift towards resilient, responsible and inclusive tourism


How can we respond to the challenges associated with hotel infrastructure (construction, renovation, use) to reduce environmental footprints and energy consumption? Which concrete solutions can be immediately implemented in terms of adapting behaviour and equipment? How can hospitality services meet new customer expectations and mobilise teams meaningfully and in the long term? How can we engage all stakeholders in initiatives to change, from employees to guests? Tourism professionals are asking many questions in their efforts to move towards responsible models rapidly. The second Fabrique du Tourisme report on the crucial subject of sustainable tourism offers many practical tips and solutions.

    “The aim of the Fabrique du Tourisme is to propose concrete and immediately actionable solutions for a sustainable tourist industry. Environmental and social issues are at the heart of the debate and the concerns voiced by many tourism professionals. Given the challenges facing the industry and the search for increasingly precise and effective solutions by its various stakeholders, we decided to focus the Fabrique du Tourisme on the theme of resilience and CSR for the second time. The event outstripped our expectations. It has raised awareness of efficient new models and underscored the extent to which the sector is shifting rapidly and collectively towards more responsible practices,” explain Pedro Novo, Executive Director of Export at Bpifrance, Bertrand Pullès, Deputy Managing Director of Extendam, and Vanguelis Panayotis, Managing Director of MKG Consulting, collectively the founders of the Fabrique du Tourisme.

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